Beard & Mustache Transplant

Beard & Mustache Transplant

Beard & mustache transplantation is a non-surgical procedure, in which hair follicles are transferred from the donor area-, the back of the head, to the recipient area, the chin and mustache areas to be treated

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Beard & Mustache Transplant Techniques

There are three main techniques used in beard and mustache transplant:

DHI technology: the best technique used for beard and mustache hair transplant, in which follicles are also harvested from the donor area via the Micro Motor, to be implanted directly in the recipient area by a CHOI Implanter. Only one click and the doctor can open a channel to implant the follicle at once. The whole process takes around (6-8) hours, transplanting a maximum of (3500) follicles.

(Mega DHI) technology

The (Mega DHI) technique is performed over two sessions during two consecutive days, using the Choi pens. However, with (Mega DHI), a maximum of (7000) follicles are transplanted, giving the hair more density and attractiveness.

(Extremely DHI) technology

(Extremely DHI) technology goes through the same stages of (DHI) technique, however, it enables the doctor to transplant up to (5000) follicles during (12-15) hours over only a session

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