Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

The face is considered the window to the outside world, it affects directly your social life.

Nose, lips, eyebrows and all the other elements in your face, when combined together they form a beautiful and wonderful exterior. Especially in women when eyebrows are dense and look great, it adds a lot of facial expressions and aesthetic appearance. Therefore, everyone would like to have thick and beautiful eyebrows. But sometime the eyebrows are light since birth or fall over time because of many different reasons. Some cases are genetic, some are caused by burns or surgeries and others are due to illness. This is why Eyebrow Transplant is done to give a great aesthetic density and shape.

Eyebrow Transplant has become very famous in recent years. As with Hair Transplant, eyebrow implant make people look great while ensuring the ultimate solution to eyebrow loss and lasting through life.

Reasons of eyebrow loss

Like all the hair in the body, the eyebrows can fall with time under the influence of different factors. Also, eyebrows affect directly the face’s appearance when they are light or not exist in a negative way.

Causes of falling eyebrows:

  • A badly done contour or a constant makeup.
  • Long lasting stress.
  • Burns, accidents and shocks.
  • Genetic reasons.
  • Thyroid failure.
  • Hyperthyroidism.
  • Removing of the eyebrow in an incorrect way.
  • Malnutrition or an unhealthy diet.
  • Infection in hair.
  • Side effects various medicine.

Although, hair loss is a bad thing, it is possible to increase its intensity and vitality. First, it is necessary to know the reason behind the fall, although due to illness, it should be cured. That’s why you should show your case to a specialist doctor to diagnose the situation correctly.

After Eyebrow Transplant

The patient can go straight out of the hospital after the operation and return to their normal life. After the process a wound crust will appear in the treated area, which is normal. Water should not touch this area for 24 hours after the operation. After 24 hours the patient can shower and the wound crust will fall with the water. As is Hair Transplant, the eyebrows fall after the operation, and it lasts for two weeks, which is very normal. The eyebrows will naturally grow again after normal fall, which takes 3 months. Eyebrows will take their final shape after 7-8 months.

Because hair follicles have been taken from the back of the head, the eyebrows will have an increase in length such as hair. Therefore, the eyebrows should be shortened with scissors for 15 days. This condition does not last and after a while the hair follicles will adapt to their new location and will grow naturally and will not need to be cut. The final shape can be shown in 7-8 months. After the Eyebrow Transplant  we recommend the following advices:

  • Avoid chemicals such as shaving lotion, cologne and creams,
  • Do not impact the implanted areas,
  • Use regularly the medications required by your doctor,
  • Avoid the sun for the first two weeks, as it can damage the area,
  • Avoid sports, excitement and stress during the first week.
  • Keep the implanted area clean and hygienic.
Though, Hollywood smile is a very easy and simple operation, yet there’re some exceptions that aren’t suitable for it. Such as:

  • Children or teenagers
  • People who suffer from dental growth problems
  • People who are using orthodontics for the moment
  • People who suffer from fundamental problems such as (The loss of a large number of teeth – The presence of severe injection in the gum)

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