Surgery of Vagina Narrowing

Surgery of Vagina Narrowing

The muscles of the vagina, the organ in which sexual intercourse occurs, and the origin in which natural childbirth occurs, sometimes relax for various reasons. Frequent sexual contact, natural childbirth, aging, abortion, weight l, loss, or genetic factors may cause vaginal elasticity loss. Even if it does not cause any non-aesthetic appearance, the enlarged vagina causes dissatisfaction and loss of sensation during intimacy.

The vagina usually widens in women who have given natural childbirth more than once, but there may be a widening of the structure of the vagina in women who have not previously natural childbirth. Vaginal enlargement can lead to problems such as inability to gain et orgasm, sound from the vagina during sitting or sexual intercourse, and incontinence. Vaginal Narrowing is the most effective solution for the enlarged vagina to narrow its muscles and restore the ideal narrowing it.

For whom is Vagina narrowing suitable for?

Vaginal Narrowing, which is performed according to the needs of the relaxed muscles, is very important to restore women’s self-confidence and increasing sexual pleasure. However, as in many operations, Vaginal Narrowing is effective on women who meet certain criteria, such as:

  • Vaginal widening due to multiple natural childbirth.
  • Vaginal widening due to frequent sexual intercourse.
  • Vaginal widening due to aging.
  • Loss of elasticity of vaginal muscles due to gynecological interventions.
  • Vaginal widening due to genetic factors.
  • A sound from the vagina during sitting or moving because of its wideness.
  • Vaginal widening due to weight loss.
  • Vaginal enlargement and the laxity of its muscles lead to loss of sensation during intercourse for both women and men, leading to sexual dissatisfaction.
  • This may raise the problem of having no orgasm.