Inner Thigh Lifting Operation = Leg Liposuction + Lifting

Inner Thigh Lifting Operation = Leg Liposuction + Lifting

The leg is one of the most affected parts of the body for changes, such as aging and weight gain or loss. When skin loses its elasticity, especially in the inner part of the leg, the aesthetic appearance becomes uncomfortable. Saggy skin in the legs is not only an aesthetic problem, it is also a health problem because it may cause some uncomfortable feeling when skin rubs itself.

Inner Thigh Lifting or Thighplasty aims to reduce the saggy skin in the legs. During this procedure, excess skin is removed and legs are re-shaped again. Usually, Inner Thigh Lifting is performed after Tummy Tuck to reduce the saggy skin after weight loss, and to get an aesthetic appearance. Also, Inner Thigh Lifting is usually performed after childbirth to eliminate the changes in the body.

For whom is the Inner Thigh Lifting suitable for?

People whom bones structure and skin tissue grove have completed can undergo Inner Thigh Lifting. Suffering some problems such as cellulite, sagging, inconsistent body because of legs, and inability to wear all kinds of cloth affect the loss of self-confidence, which makes people undergo Inner Thigh Lifting. Laser and Liposuction are suitable solutions to eliminate simple sagging in legs, but if the sagging is severe, Inner Thigh Lifting should be accomplished.

The best decision about which operation is better for the patient is up to the doctor.

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