Facial PRP Treatment

Facial PRP Treatment

During this procedure, which is known as “Platelets Rich Plasma”, the rich-plasma platelets are transferred from the body to the face. Platelets are the non-colored blood cells. Plasma is the liquid that contains red and white blood cells. In Facial PRP, blood samples are taken from the patient, and then separate platelets and plasma from other liquids. After that, these materials are injected under the face skin. Due to this transfer, cells are activated which makes the skin treat itself. In this way, the skin will become fresh and youthful.

What Are The Advantages Of Facial PRP?

Facial PRP, which reduces aging effects and makes the face more vital and youthful, helps to:

  • Reduce the wrinkles in the face,
  • Make the face pure by increasing collagen production.
  • Reduce the aging lines.
  • Lift the face’s skin by increasing the number of platelets.
  • Modifying the levels of skin color
  • Reduce the cracks in the face
  • eliminate the black spots under the eyes, and the damaged areas because of the sun,
  • Reduce the bruises on the face, especially surgery bruises.

It is possible to do face injecting besides PRP, to eliminate wrinkles, depending on the doctor’s opinion.

Platelets and plasma are not only used to heal the skin, it’s  helpful to prevent hair loss, and to treat joints and ligaments in the orthopedic field. Also, it can speed up recovery in the body and reduce infections. Therefore, PRP injection is a supportive procedure in many surgeries.

Before Facial PRP And After Facial PRP

Before Facial PRP

Stop using a blood thinner such as Aspirin,

You should consume large amounts of water,

Do not get exposed to sunlight more than usual,

Do not use makeup,

Inform your doctor about the medications you use regularly.

During Facial PRP


The procedure contains two stages, first stage the doctor will take the blood, usually from the arm. And then, the blood is processed by centrifuge. After that, blood will be transferred to the face by a needle in the second stage. This procedure takes about one hour.


After Facial PRP

The results might appear immediately after the Facial PRP procedure. But it takes a couple of weeks to see the final results. Redness may occur in the skin after the procedure, this is normal and easy to control by creams. Since PRP injections are safe, their side effects are so limited. The recovery period is short and simple after the operation, there are some things to consider after the operation such as:

Do not expose the treated area to water for 24 hours after the operation,

You should protect your skin from sunlight,

Do not but make up for 24 hours after the operation,

You should ask your doctor before using any skincare products, and these products must be alcohol-free,

Do not make any activity that causes sweating,

It is possible to repeat Facial PRP depending on the patient’s desire and doctor’s confirmation.

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