Eyebrow Lifting (cat eye)

Eyebrow Lifting (cat eye)

Is surgery done to eliminate the sagging in the eyebrow area, which is caused by aging, or those that have these symptoms since birth.
With this surgery, the face will get a youthful and lively appearance. The eyebrow is one of the elements that affect facial expressions. It can show if the person is sad, tired or old, also it can show them in a youthful, lively and happy way.  This is related to the distance between the eyebrow and the eye. This procedure aims to lift the eyebrow to restore it to its appropriate natural place in the face. Also to adjust the height between the eyebrow and the eye so the face appears natural.

The Eyebrow Lift is usually done at the same time as the Forehead Lift because of both procedures after each other. Although, other facial surgeries can be performed at the same time, helping people who want more than one operation to save time. Especially if the person wants to have a cosmetic operation for the eyelid. The ideal eyebrow varies from a person to another, but getting it is possible. Although the ideal eyebrow measurement varies between men and women, it can be said that an eyebrow that starts at 1.5 cm above the eye and ends at an eye-level of 2-2.5 cm as an average, is the ideal eyebrow. These measurements and characteristics of the patient’s face are very important to get a natural-looking eyebrow.

Recovery Period After Eyebrow Lift

As with all other cosmetic procedures, skin redness or swelling may occur after Eyebrow Lift. But there are some tips to follow to heal faster especially if you had the operation by Golden threads method or Endoscopic such as:

  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, and blood thinner like aspirin.
  • Cold compresses should be placed on the eyebrow area until redness and swelling are reduced.
  • The head must stay up after the operation, also the sleeping position should help to keep the head in this position, and do not use a pillow that causes pressure on the operation area.
  • Hair should not be washed during the first three days after the operation.
  • Do not exercise heavily or carry anything heavy during the first two weeks after surgery.
  • But a light sport like walking can be practiced.
  • In addition to these recommendations, it is very important to follow the doctor’s instructions and to show necessary care for the cleanliness of the operation area.

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