Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast hypertrophy is defined by excessive breast volume, depending on the patient’s morphology, this excess volume is usually associated with sagging breasts and sometimes with some degree of asymmetry Breast hypertrophy always involves some physical repercussion ( neck/shoulder/ back pain) general discomfort, ort and prevents sports practicing, and causes also dressing difficulties.

The purpose of the surgical intervention is to reduce the volume the of breast, correct the ptosis and asymmetry to obtain a harmonious breast, and according to the patient’s morphology, symmetrize and remodeled. The surgery can be applied when the women’s body development process is completed, starting from the age of 18-20.

The techniques vary according to the size of the breast. While excess tissue is taken, during the operation, there is a possibility for the milk ducts to be damaged, for this reason, breast reduction surgery is not recommended for women who have never had a baby or intending to give birth. However, the risk decreases when the operation is performed by good doctors, therefore, it became more and more popular and successful in Turkey, due to the quality of the experts in the country.

For whom is a breast reduction suitable for ?

The ideal breast size and distributions for women have always been very important in terms of the body’s aesthetic appearance, however, the largest breast disrupt body integrity and lead to many health/psychological, and social problems including the following:

  • Back and neck pain.
  • Wounds and rashes under the breast.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Pain and collapse on the shoulders, kyphosis.
  • Difficulties finding clothes and bras.
  • Uncomfortable because of the appearance.
  • A breast reduction sort of operation is performed to relieve breast discomfort. It affords the ideal size of breasts, assures a normal daily life, and eliminates the risk of breast cancer.

Breast Implant Removal

A procedure that removes the implants causees uncomfortable feelings or causes health problems. It aims to take the implant out of the body without damaging it. Women prefer to remove implants in these cases especially:

  • Weight increase.
  • Childbirth.
  • Menopause or hormonal changes.
  • Starting a professionals sports life. After Breast Augmentation with filling, women might have some difficulty adaptation their new appearance. And if the operation was not successful and did not match the expectations, they might suffer from medical problems the body may react with the filling, which causes different health problems to eliminate these problems, Breast Implant Removal gives a permanent solution. It does not matter what type of implants you used before, with this procedure, you can remove all kinds of implants. It is also possible to change the old implant both a new one.

For whom is Breast implant removal suitable for?

  • Women who do not suffer any health problems.
  • Women who have aesthetic or health problems with their implants.
  • Women who had a problem with their implant.
  • women who gave birth recently cannot undergo this operation

Inverted Nipple Operation

Women who suffer from an inverted nipple may have some awkwardness or loss of self-confidence while intimacy may cause psychological problems. That is why having this operation is the perfect solution to get rid of this problem and give the nipples their natural appearance.

This operation aims to correct the nipple’s shape so it looks natural. By stretching the milk channels or cutting it. This will release the nipple from the channels, which are dragging them inside, which allows them to appear again. It is necessary to choose your surgeon carefully before doing the operation.

During The Examination of Inverted Nipple Operation

Usually, the examination takes 15 minutes to one hour During this examination, you will be able to talk with your doctor about all the details of the operation. Your doctor will discuss with you the following:

  • What do you want to achieve through the operation?
  • Which kind of surgeries have you conducted in the past?
  • The current medical condition and your medical history, also if you are allergic to anything.
  • If you had breast cancer in the past.
  • What medications are you using currently and vitamins or herbal supplements?
  • If you are smoking or drinking alcohol and how they affect the operation.

Breast Enlargement without Surgery

Some changes may occur in the size and the shape of the breast or some sagging may occur also due to many reasons such as weight loss or gain and aging, there might be some defects since birth. Breast Enlargement without Surgery is a perfect solution to eliminate these problems that cause less self-confidence. Breast Enlargement without Surgery is done by injecting a material called Aqua Filling, this material is made by forming the water crystals in the shape of hydraulic gel that corresponds with human tissues and it is 98% water.

Since this material has a high rate of corresponding with human tissues, it is considered a very safe material. It provides elasticity and size for soft tissues for a long time. Aqua filling can be used to re-shape the buttocks, legs, and breast enlargement. All operations of this Aqua filling are non-surgical. Therefore, it is faster to perform than other cosmetic operations. Since the main component of the substance is water, it can be lost in the future-

The Advantages of Breast Enlargement without Surgery.

Aquafilling makes the treated area look so natural. While touching the breast after the operation, the texture will be natural like it was before. Also, this material does not move in its place and does not disintegrate or harm tissues. Moreover, it does not affect the milk channels and the nipples negatively.

In addition to providing a natural texture and appearance, Breast Enlargement without Surgery is the most preferred operation for many patients, because it corresponds with tissues and does not damage them, and there is no incision in this operation. The results of this operation last for a long time and it is possible to repeat it if necessary. Breast Enlargement without Surgery is a low-cost operation as will.

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